Novus Medical Detox Review

Novus Medical Detox is a state-of-the-art, effective medical method with modern holistic protocols that provide safe and comfortable detoxes.

With six years of experience, Novus Medical Detox’s priority is to work primarily with the patients.  Although located 20 minutes north of Tampa, Florida, Novus extends its services all over the country and internationally, including Canada and the Bahamas. Novus strives to successfully provide its patients with top-notch services that perfectly fit any patient’s preferences and needs.

Why it’s different

Novus Medical Detox review

While many detox centers have a variety of approaches, Novus guarantees comfortable, safe, and healthy methods.  Many patients who have been to several other detox centers have even said that Novus truly sets itself apart because of the staff’s ability to keep them relaxed and comfortable during the healing process.

Novus also discourages the use of pharmaceuticals and often breaks the habit of patients who rely on prescription medication.  Instead, Novus emphasizes hydration and a healthy, nutritional diet while being surrounded in a stress-free, non-judgmental, and supportive environment.  Every detox is uniquely carved to match each person, which is carefully catered by the facility; unlike some detox companies who run on package plans similar for everyone.

Understanding that the importance of providing an open campus environment where patients can feel like patients – not prisoners is also a benefitting factor to Novus’s methods.  Many places restrict their patients from accessing a variety of locations, but Novus is equipped with basketball courts and open spaces encompassed by nature.  The facility also provides Wi-Fi and allows patients to access cell phones and personal laptops in order to communicate with their families.  Although most facilities discourage the idea of patients being allowed to deal with their personal business while detoxing, Novus has found it more successful to value and consider what their patients value and consider.

Curriculum and philosophy

Novus Medical Detox review

As mentioned earlier, Novus strongly advocates customized care.  On average, each detox can last about seven to eight days, but because Novus considers and evaluates the complexities of each case, these circumstances are always considered:

  • Comfort level: Some patients have a lower threshold for discomfort and because Novus wants to make the detox as relaxing as possible, days for a patient may vary due to this reasoning.
  • Metabolism: Metabolisms vary from one another.  Based upon how quick or slow a patient’s metabolism is and how well they respond to treatment, the number of days they stay in the facility are adjusted.

When patients first arrive at Novus, they are instantly introduced to a series of methods that involve one-on-one counseling and patient-caring staff.

  • The first includes a medical protocol to taper patients off substances they’ve grown accustomed to using.  Very little prescription drugs may be used initially to deal with the detox, but the main goal is to transfer the patient to herbal remedies and holistic supplements to help them deal with withdrawal systems.
  • Novus also provides patients with an MP3 player where they are encouraged to listen to 40 minutes of guided meditations and relaxing tones to help them address their anxiety.
  • Lastly, Novus focuses on getting patients to focus on their daily activity.  Exercise is a vital asset to the program’s itinerary.  If comfortable and in the mood, patients led through minor exercises that help them become or remain active.

Budget and program costs

Novus absolutely accepts insurance and staff members are readily available to help determine a patient’s eligibility.  The facility is currently working on expanding their rooms from one-person rooms to two.  This will help lower the cost dramatically within the following year.

Aftercare program

Although Novus does not provide aftercare or rehab services, they have been working in the detox industry long enough to network a concrete list of referrals and professional recommendations.

Final recommendation

Novus Medical Detox is a prime example of utilizing nutritional and natural resources to lead the body toward a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.  The facility is effective in the way that it provides excellent care while still allowing patients to feel free and connected with those outside the facility.  With customer comfortability and service as its first priority, Novus is ideal for patients worldwide.

Contact information:

Novus Medical Detox

Call (Toll free) 727-232-8356

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